Alzheimer’s disease

Game based Dementia AI Targeted Assessment.

Patient group

Alzheimer’s disease


  • Very early screening
  • Concurrent diagnostics
  • Potential rehabilitation
  • Vastly cheaper and more efficient
  • Highly engaging and fun to use
  • Substantially reducing waiting list time
  • Dramatically reducing clinician time and demand

Our Goal

Dementia poses a critical threat to the world’s health systems, currently costing one trillion dollars to service annually, expected to double by 2030. It costs the UK 26.3 billion pounds alone and is expected to increase rapidly to 55 billion pounds by 2050.
It currently affects 50 million people globally, increasing to 152 million by 2050. Three-quarters of this number are currently undiagnosed, having no access to treatment, care or any kind of organised support.
Diagnostic costs in the UK are around 85 million pounds annually, expected to double by 2050 and currently only two thirds of people have a diagnosis, furthermore 20% of these are believed to be inaccurate.
Our game represents a highly transformative technology, capable of highly disrupting the current care pathway providing patient access before they even see their doctor for the first time.
Leveraging a highly sticky serious gaming experience as a fun and engaging, safer, non-pharmacological effective alternative to any currently available method.
There’s one new Alzheimer’s patient every three minutes in the UK
Alzheimer’s UK

Building the concept

Ascentys has spent the last five years designing, developing and testing a self executable videogame alongside neuroscientists, psychiatrists, clinicians and cohorts of healthy individuals and service users at multiple sites across the UK. Participatatively developing a game that closely fits user needs to deliver an effective level of treatment.

G.D.A.T.A – Changing the landscape for Alzheimer’s Dementia