Our Services


Game design

We have a wealth of game design experience with multiple engines including Unreal and Unity. Our  inhouse developers have each worked for some of the biggest international names including Microsoft, SEGA and Nintendo. 


3d Modelling & Rendering

Our team has over 30 years of industry experience in leading 3d modelling, rendering, animation and lighting projects with toolsets including Houdini, ZBrush, Autodesk Maya, 3d Studio Max, Lightwave, Sketchup and Blender. 


Artificial intelligence

We have been responsible for artificial intelligence research and development in both industry and academia for multiple interactive systems and serious game based technologies, defence and clinical applications globally.


Research & Development

Ascentys has been at the forefront of serious games based research and development both academically and within industry and continues to grow this capacity particularly within the mental health clinical disciplines and being privileged to collaborate with world leading clinicians, academics and industrialists to develop genuinely ground breaking innovation. 


Augmented &
Virtual Reality

Our company has been responsible for multiple highly innovative transdisciplinary mobile AR applications ranging from sustainability and diabetes management to delirium diagnostics. In addition to developing unprecedented VR serious games for mental health such as for depression rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s screening, diagnostics and rehabilitation. Successfully merging these serious game based technologies with the latest Ai to create a genuine stepchange in the way these diseases are managed.